Repeated trouble with leveling taz 6


I’m using a Taz 6 with Simplify 3d for slicing.

I’m getting a very high failure rate during the leveling process, either it fails entirely or simply prints the first layer too thin or uneven (stepped).

I can see the print head fail to recognize when it comes in contact with the leveling pads (the head presses down on the pad rathe than just lightly touching it). I have checked what I believe to be the connections to the print head and the plate and they are not noticeably loose.

Any tips on using SImplify 3d successfully?

– dave

I don’t think the problem you are describing is a function of the slicer. Given that you have a TAZ 6 specific start code and end code in Simplify3D, all of the auto-leveling is controlled by one gcode command, G29.

CuraLE is open source. It contains the latest firmware for the TAZ 6 and all of the LulzBot tool heads so you probably want a copy anyway.

I’d suggest taking a simple .stl file (like a 10x10x10 cube) and slicing it with both Simplify3D and CuraLE. Take a look at the output and see where the differences are. I’m guessing that the differences are minor and both will exhibit the same problem with auto-leveling.

I use CuraLE, Simplify3D, and KISSlicer depending on the part. I have a Dual Extruder V3 as well as the original single extruder.

I have a version of the start code supplied with CuraLE modified to use Simplify3D’s parameter substitution which I have attached. Note that as configured, both the Cura and the S3D start code make use of the triple wide wiper pad supplied with the Dual Extruder V3. The wipe section of the start code will need to be replaced with the single wide wiper pad if that’s what you have (the gcode for the single wide is included in the .zip file). (2.83 KB)

Comparing the gcode my Cura was generating to the startup code I had for Simplify 3d I noticed two things.

The extruder heat while leveling lower in cura (140 as opposed to 170) and the retraction distance was greater (30mm vs 12).

Adjusting these to match has made a big different in my first few prints.