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Morning all,

I have started using the Cura LulzBot Edition version 21.08 and updated firmware as per single extruder on my TAZ 6 for this version.

I have recently purchased simplify 3d which has the Taz 6 profile I am curious to know when running g code created in Simplify moved to SD card and run from the 6 why when it starts doing the bed calibration the tool head taps the home button as usual then moves to the clean strip and does its cleaning dance at this point it appears to be further into the cleaning pad.
When it comes to the front left washer to calibrate the tip comes down and touches and continues pushing down for a further 2mm’ish until it retracts back and then again slowly lowers again and pushes the bed assembly down the same amount as before.
It then goes back to the cleaning pad as it thinks its dirty and its spotless
This just starts a loop of pad washer pad washer on the same washer.

Is there an offset I need to alter in the TAZ as I assume that simplify just asks the TAZ to do the calibration process
by calling the Gcode at the start of the print code.

This is a new hobby to me so please be gentle :open_mouth:

Did you update the Simplify3D start gcode with the version from CuraLE? If not, I’d start there. At the very least, compare the two.

CuraLE has been upgraded a couple of times since 21.08. I believe current released version is 2.6.69 and 3.2.18 is in beta. Both the released version 2.6 and the beta version 3.2 have updated the firmware and the start gcode.

I have attached my current start gcode for both CuraLE and Simplify3D. I have converted as many of the variables used from CuraLE format to S3D format and used constants where there was no equivalent variable.

I have a Dual Extruder V3 which comes with a wider wipe pad so I have also included both the original wipe code (for the single width wipe pad) and the wipe code for the new, triple width wipe pad. If you don’t have the triple-wide, be sure to substitute the old wipe code in both of the start gcode files. Failure to do so will bang the nozzle against the plastic sides of the wipe pad holder.

I’ve also adopted the purge code from the Dual V3 which hangs the nozzle off the front of the bed and extrudes some filament. I kept forgetting to reset the filament when doing back to back prints and this purge code should extrude enough to cancel out the retraction in the end code.
WideWipe.zip (2.83 KB)

Thank you very much for the reply and info very much appreciated.