Lulzbot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2

Hi All,

Just installed a dual head (for metal prints as well) ager using the single head for a couple of years. My 1st print is taking a very long time. 20+ minutes just to reach 6% of the print. I would already be printing files on the bed at this point with the singe head. It’s not even printing on the bed, just says “Printing” under the Predefined Commands in the “printer Settings” window.

I heated the nozzle and bed to the correct heat settings, extruded filament and then pressed the Print button with the .STL file loaded on the bed.

Have I missed any steps?

Thank you!

Doesn’t sound like you have missed any steps, to make any further analysis we would need to know which printer and what your material and profile settings are.

The firmware for the Dual Extruder V2 is different than the firmware for the Single Extruder V2.1. The start gcode provided by CuraLE is different as well.