Lulzbot Taz Pro power cycling during wipe

For a week now, every print has failed mid-print with the display freaking out and cycling between a bunch of different ‘errors’ on the display so fast that you can’t read them. This would mean I needed to toss my print and try again. This was happening near the first few layers of a print 1 out of 5 times.

As of last night, I do not even get to that point… my printer is now power cycling during the nozzle wipe. See video below.

This gcode is generated using cure le 2.5.23 (as have all of my prints for months now). I have tried different usb drives thinking maybe there was a problem there. This problem is happening with everything from large prints to xyz calibration cubes.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

Lulzbot support responded pretty quickly. Suggested that that Lulzbot Taz Pro has weird things happen when the thermistor needs replaced. I have one on the way and will report back.

Did not solve the problem… same issues after swapping the thermistor. Sending the machine to the factory for a full review / repair

Almost sounds like a short ( or loose connection) hmm keep us posted on their findings would be interesting to know what it is.