TAZ shutting down when wiping nozzle

I have a TAZ 6 that has acquired the habit of power cycling when it gets to the point of wiping the nozzle on the soft pad before printing. It loses memory of what it was doing when it comes back on. This started initially in the midst of a lengthy print, and once I cleared the failed print and tried to start again, it has repeated this strange problem each and every time.

So far, I have reinstalled the default firmware and tried different models that I know to be successful, all with the same result of the machine powercycling at the same point.

Any suggestions as to what might be happening?

I’m guessing this is a hardware fault, either the thermistor, heater core, board, or a bed short. I’m thinking its the thermistor or the board because the failure is either occurring just after the heat change for wiping, or on the start of Y motion. If you are under warranty you should call in.