Problems with Taz Pro (Please Help)

I have been trying to get help from LulzBot support since October but seems they are still unresponsive (I guess just bad timing with all that is going on with them).

I have been having lots of issues with my pro. Lots of failed prints - partial prints when the machine just stops for no apparent reason etc. Anyway one of the failures got lodged in the #1 printhead really well and during the removal the two blue wires which are part of the thermistor I believe, were severed. I have not been able to find the correct replacement part any help on that would be great.

The bigger issue is now the display when the machine is turned on just flashes between a black screen and a white screen so not sure where to go now. Do I need to reinstall software? If so how?

Would like to get this printer working - properly so any advice would be much appreciated.

FYI I have a TAZ 6 (for several years now) that has been a great printer and works awesome pretty much all the time so I am not sure why we are having so many issues with the pro.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Trent,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I also have a Pro and so far it’s been behaving fairly well (mine just occasionally has issues homing the X axis).

The development docs (including the parts, etc.) for your printer are located here:

‘quiver’ is the LulzBot internal project code for the TAZ Pro.

The “production_docs” sub-folder has the bill-of-materials (BoM), assembly instructions, etc. so this is probably where you want to look.

There is also a “production_parts” that you may want to check (for example there is a sub-folder named “hot_end” that may have the info you seek.)

I hope that helps!

Lastly… there is a Facebook group named “LulzBot Mini & TAZ 3D” which I’ve found to be very helpful on these sorts of things.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info it was helpful. I got the replacement part so that is all good.

Finally heard from support and will hopefully figure out the display issue soon.

What was the issue and how did you fix this? Having the same issue