Lulzbot Taz Pro Screen Flickering, Slow Bootup, and Crashing

Hey just started working at makerlab and they have a Lulzbot Taz Pro with some issues. The screen is flickering with a clicking sound (this seems to be from the speaker turning on and off) and it won’t turn on. Sometimes, it will open up the UI after a couple of minutes of the flickering. However, when I go to load filament the printer instantly crashes and starts trying to turn on again and does the flickering. Here is a video of the flickering: Lulzbot Pro Troubleshooting - Album on Imgur.

I opened up the side panel and it does not seem like anything is burnt on any boards. Currently I’m guessing that the issue is the power supply or a loose connection to the power. Anybody have experience with a similar problem? I would appreciate any feedback and troubleshooting tips.

It looks like your heater cartridge on the tool head is shorting to the heater block.
Check the large braided wires going into the heater block near the nozzle.
Ensure that they are not contacting or shorting to anything near them.

A way to test if it is the heater wires shorted to something in the tool head would be to try unplugging the yellow wire from the top left corner of the control board. This will disconnect the heater cartridge for the left extruder. Then try again to heat the extruder. I won’t work, of course, with the wire unplugged, but if it doesn’t crash then you know the problem is in the wiring to the heater. What it should do is sit there for a little bit, then give an error when it finally realizes the extruder isn’t going to heat.