Taz Pro no longer working. Reboots when trying to move print head, change temps, etc

I’m an idiot. Went to change the nozzle on my Taz Pro with Legacy Dual head. Noticed the heater block was turning as I tried to loosen the nozzle, so I took a pair of nozzle grips to hold the heater block. Even though I tried to be careful and not touch the heater cartridge and thermistor, apparently I was not careful enough, because suddenly a spark emerged from behind the heater cartridge and/or thermistor, and the Taz Pro rebooted. The system powers on but anytime I try to adjust the tempurature on either hot end, or move the print head, etc, the system just immediately reboots. Obviously I destroyed something, but could anyone point me in the direction on how to troubleshoot and pinpoint the issue? Hoping its just a fuse or a simple part replacement.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Check the fuses on the board. They’re standard ATC 15a automotive-style blade fuses.

You may have also destroyed the wires to the thermistor or heater. Best not to mess with those. They’re cheap to replace and their failure can be catastrophic to anything flammable.

Thank you for the quick response. Yes, shortly after the message I found that one of the 5 Amp fuses looks to have blown. I will try to order the replacement sometime this week. Hopefully thats all that was damaged. Regarding the wires to the thermistor or heater, they do not seem to be damaged, but I guess I wont know until I try and replace the fuse. I already replaced the thermistor and heater previously, as this was a old printer that was eventually going to be scrapped, but we rescued it and have been trying to give it some TLC to make use of it.

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