LW-PLA Profile Help

Does anyone have an existing cura profile for colorfabb lw-pla?
I am running it in my taz6 and results are varied.

Have you checked their How to?


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I have done the calibration/settings adjustment as stated on their website.
However I am still getting filament stripping, or poor flow. Seems like there is no inbetween.
Printing at 245C, 30 mm sec./60% flow.

Just to re-check I re-ran the calibration as specified on the color fabb site for the 3rd time.
Test cube prints fine, correct wall thickness. adequate finish.
Then when printing other components, print quality starts good, then layers seem to seperate.

What extruder are you using? Heat creep with normal PLA at 215 degrees is bad enough with the Taz 6’s single extruder, I can only imagine it would be a nightmare when running at 230+ for LW-PLA.

From your description (small calibration parts working fine) it definitely looks like heat creep setting in. Increasing print speed might help, but as far as I’m concerned, the taz 6 single extruder is just not suited to PLA at all. It rocks with ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC, and anything else I’ve thrown at it.

If you’re going to try PLA with 2.85mm I’d really say the Aerostruder is a good option. I run it in my Mini 2 and can do PLA all day.

I am using the original Taz6 extruder. So it is difficult.
I tried increasing the print speed, however it seemed to thin the wall more than I had anticipated.
However, I did run the estep calibration, just to double check, and it seems it was way off.
The levels seem to have a more consistent width.

I’ve definitely had issues with the stock hot end too. I just received my M175 from Lulzbot a week ago but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. LW PLA is something I would like to use since I do a lot of RC and Drone projects