Major Fail during build

We got our TAZ 5 a few weeks ago and have made some parts on it that were all run mostly during the day. Last night we decided to run a slightly modified version of a part that we had run before and came in to find the printer as in the attached picture.

The first layer was under the build platform and there was a large blob of material you can see on the right side. Then it looks like at some point it was able to lay down a few layers that somewhat stuck together on top of the randomly extruded birds next. I can sort of understand if the base delaminated from the build platform and was able to move that the mess of material could have been caused but what I don’t understand is the blob, even if the Y axis jammed X would still have been able to move.

We used Cura ABS_cura_Medium_0.5TAZ profile downloaded from the lulzbot site with no changes. This is the same profile we used on the lat print as well and had no issues.

My biggest concerns now is can we clean the print head which is covered in burnt ABS.

The first layer was under the build platform and there was a large blob of material you can see on the right side.

I don’t understand under the build platform, you mean it was not on heated table and down in the rails? Anything could have happened, clean up the mess. Heat up the nozzle to ABS or whatever the temperature and use your clam knife or whatever to gently clean off the sides. I would use a Scotchbrite pad to clean up the rest.

Are you sure the heated bed was heating??

Set it up and try again, but first maybe a call to Lulzbot support.

Well, I found a little bit more information that may have been the reason for the fail. The person who set up the print did so somewhat blindly. He started Cura on his computer and chose Taz Mini, saved the G-code and took opened it on the printer computer. I told him to load the print profile for Taz 5, medium, 0.5 nozzle which he did but the machine was still set to mini.

He pre-heated the print head and bed then said it wouldn’t print till he closed the control and moved the part into the center of the bed (because it thought it was a mini the part barely fit).

I’m thinking the bed temp didn’t get set again so as it cooled the part came loose and stuck to the print head.

We cleaned up the head as best we could and I redid all the settings now it’s printing again, so far two hours in and running fine so keeping our fingers crossed.

Any ABS left on the outside of the nozzle is basically cosmetic. You can remove it with acetone if it bugs you (carefully), but otherwise you can basically ignore it.