Makerbot Cement Mixer - White ABS

Taz4 - Slic3r - Pronterface - ABS - medium no support config - fan on auto - printer enclosed:

Barrel turns, but the wheel axles are bound tight on 2 of the 3 wheels. Also the barrel won’t tilt as that axle is bound too.

So I’m wondering, what little tweak would make the print almost perfect? The clearance on the axles is obviously pretty darn tight. Is it a layer height thing? A speed thing?

I tried printing with “fine” configuration and the cement barrel broke free from bed.
Bumping it up to the medium setting cured that issue.
I did drop the layer height from .22 to ,2 and bumped up the first layer height from .3 to .32 to make sure the barrel of the truck stuck to the bed.

Anybody printed one of these trucks in ABS and had a fully functional cement mixer? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Generally speaking I’m really damn impressed with the print. Just looking for that extra little tweak.

Set your filliament diameter slightly larger than you have it currently and then try that print again. You have a tiny bit of overextrusion going on in there. not much at all by any means though. Also enabling auto cooling mode will help if you are running slic3r profiles.

Thanks, I’ll try a larger diameter setting.
Not exactly intuitive I must say. Why would setting diameter larger improve the print?

I did have the fan on auto cooling by the way. Yes, I’m running Slic3r profiles. Medium no support for this truck.

The filliament diameter is how you tell your printer how much plastic it has to work with. Your filliament should ideally be either 3.00mm or 1.75 mm exactly, but in reality they almost never are that diameter. The stuff I am running a tthe moment is actually 3.05mm for example. It’s like with cooking something. if the recipie calls for 2 cups of flour, but your measuring cups are actually 1.05 cups in volume, by the time you added the second cup you would have 0.10 too much flour in whatever you are making. If you know your measuring cups are 0.05 bigger ahead of time, you can still add the correct amount. Setting the incoming filliament to a larger diameter tells the printer it has more incoming plastic to work with per a given amount of time. That way when you tell it to extrude 10mm worth of melted plastic, it extrudes 10mm instead of 10.05mm. Its kind of counterintuitive. Another way to think of it as a hose size measurement. A bigger hose delivers more water than a smaller one.

Thanks. I’ll see what happens with your suggestion tomorrow.

We measured our filament in a crap-load of places and it averaged out at 2.85mm

Get a chance to reprint this little cabover redi mix truck? I may have a go with HIPS?