Making my 3D Props come to life - Dark Knight Belt

Just wanted to share a little of my adventures with 3D printing with my Taz 2.0. I design and make high quality replica props for collectors and myself. This is a little sample of a replica of the Dark Knight belt i designed and printed with two methods, first the smaller gear-like assembly located in the middle of the buckle was made from shapeways, and the large buckle and links i printed myself on the taz 2.0 at .075mm layer height. What you are seeing now are not the original printed parts but parts cast from the molds i created using my original 3d printed “master” models.

Still have lots more to design and create, such as the back of the belt and accesories for it. but this was just my first proof of concept and im quite happy with the results.


Cool! Thanks for posting photos. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome! We have been discussing using 3D printers to create molds a lot recently at Aleph Mountain (our headquarters in Loveland, CO), this is such a neat application of that technique.

I’m going to PM you RevolutionDesignFX, we’d love to highlight this on our blog ( Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Stunning!! Have you sold any of these? Very professional!!