Taz prints Tiny Too!

I often hear “Sure, you’re Taz can print big ginormous things, but us resin printer folk can print small highly detailed blah blah blah!” as a comment when topics turn to 3d printers and capabilities. Well, here’s something to show the goo flashers next time that comes up. It’s a prototype for one in a series of leather stamps I am making for a USCG retierd petty officer’s association charity fundraiser thing. These will be used to make keychains and whatnot. The top is Printed with a 0.1mm nozzle at 0.035mm layer heights. the bottom was printed with a standard 0.5mm nozzle and glued on, mainly because it would have taken 3 more hours to print with the 0.1mm nozzle. The piece of leather is a resulting stamp from that piece. 2015 U.S. penny for scale

The stamping was done by someone who unlike myself actually knows what they are doing with leather. This is a Coast Guard Master Chief logo, and the design of the overall logo is not my work and I make zero claims of any kind of license here for the STL.

At any rate, hopefully that is of interest!
Master_Chief_uscg.stl (8.02 MB)

Very nice. I still want a resin printer :smiley:

Fantastic work man!