Z-Axis movement from control panel (Taz 5)

I have searched and searched, and can’t figure out how to move the print head in the Z direction from the control panel. You can tell it to move X or move Y or go home, but not Z. If I want to pause a print to remove a blob from the print head, or (when I get a little braver) maybe change filament mid-print, do I really have to go get my laptop and hook it up via cable in order to raise the head enough to do what I need, or am I just somehow not finding the Z-movement commands in the control panel interface? (I’m very good at missing things that are hidden in plain sight, and it seems like a weird omission, so I’m hoping it’s just my own stupidity!

You need to use the 1 MM or .1 MM movement selections in the control menus to get the Z axis movement selection. The 100 MM and 10 MM selections will only give you X and Y movement.

Thank you! I never would have found that. :blush:

And there is a good reason for this. If you were able to use the higher values and turned the knob the wrong way or too far you could easily destroy stuff by banging the nozzle into the bed or maxing out the Z axis.

Don’t feel bad, this one got me the first time as well.

Also note that you cannot move the Z down without first homing it and this is also to prevent you from crashing it into the bed as it may not know where it is in space.