Meteor 2.85 on TAZ 6

Hello, I’ve just acquired one of the new Meteor 2.85 extruders for my TAZ 6, as well as the universal toolhead adapter for the TAZ 5/6 series to use the newer generation of Lulzbot heads.

Unfortunately, even after flashing the latest firmware with the beta version of Cura LE, the printer does not show METEOR 2.85 as one of the toolhead options. (I have not plugged in the head yet for fear that it may be damaged with the wrong firmware settings.) Which option should I pick, the M175 v2?

Additionally, the beta version of Cura LE does not show the Meteor 2.85 as an option for the legacy series (TAZ 5/6). What slicing settings can I use for the TAZ 6 once I’ve gotten the head accepted?

Based on current pace of lulzbot support for legacy models, I wouldn’t expect it to show up. They don’t list it as compatible on the site either.


But, it’s just a dumb stepper motor with a melty bit on the end, like all lulzbot toolheads.

Looking at the marlin build for the “galaxy series” extruders, they use the “standard Lulzbot” nozzle offset, so the same as the H175, M175v2, SL, SE, HE, HS toolhead. Any of those would put it in the right spot. Load any of those toolheads as a starting point before setting the current (750mA), which for the Taz 6 means you issue a M907 E135 command. Do a PID autotune with it (or use defaults for MET285: p 17.5, i 1.25, d 59.3). Do an e-steps calibration (410 steps/mm is the starting point). Save settings (M500).

As for print profiles, the SE 0.5mm profiles should all be fine for the Meteor 2.85mm.

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This worked great, thanks a lot.