Mika3d Silk PLA

Bought a 3 spool package, gold, bronze and silver. Wondering if anyone has used this filament? Looking for some recommendations for settings. Any advice would be grateful!

It appears that this filament is only available in 1.75mm. If you found it in 2.85mm, please post a link.

Only in 1.75. I have changed some settings and have had some good results. The last issue I have, is the top layer will not print, see image.

These are the settings that I have, Any ideas what I need to change to get the top layer to print?


Anyone, any ideas?

Does this happen with any other filament? While 1.75 does work in a pinch, it’s not going to be as reliable as 3 mm. Send a picture of what your filament looks like when you remove it from the extruder after something like this. Is it ground out? Is it kinked? LulzBot.com/Support

Hello Orias,

I have given up on the 1.75mm and purchased a 3 min silver. Thank you for the reply.