Print speed question

Good morning everyone! (or at least those close to UTC -4)

I’ve been printing for a month now and I’m having a blast! Finally found good settings for my PLA rolls and overall I’m really satisfied with the results. I would like to tweak my printing a bit though and be able to print a bit faster without sacrificing to much of the quality.

I’m currently printing at 25mm/s with every other speeds down by 25mm/s (I think the min speed is one of the shell at 15mm/s). I would like to know if it’s better to print with all the speed the same? For example, if I print at 25mm/s, should I put every other speeds at 25mm/s to get the best results? Also, I’d like to know at what speed you guys print with PLA and know about the quality of said print.

Thank you!

I just use the normal profile speed for the first 2 layers to get good adhesion, then increase the speed by using the dial on Taz. There is a percentage on the screen which defaults to 100% and as you rotate the dial it increases/decreases. It takes a few seconds for it to take effect as it’s running through the gcode.

This way you can play with the speed until its as fast as you can stand (quality suffers). If you like it at 150% and prints well for you, then just multiply all of the other profile values by 150% and make a new profile and tweak from there.

25mm/s :open_mouth:

That is VERY slow. You should be able to print quite confidently at 60-80mm/s.

I generally use 50% for the first layer, and the slicer will modify speeds based on the travel time per layer. (there are setting to control these, but they are advanced, and I don’t have them in front of me to suggest.)

I know that it is pretty low, but I tried pretty much all temperature in the PLA range and couldn’t get decent results even at 50mm/s. Someone then suggested me to drop the speed to 30 or even below so I tried 25 and it worked really good! So I stuck with that speed since then. I would like it so much to be able to print at 60-80mm/s!! Would be amazing

I would use a slow speed on the external layers that you will see and a faster speed for infill and such that you do not. That will reduce your print time a little bit. I do normally print at 50 MM on most of my prints, but I do mostly replacement parts which do not need to be pretty but just strong.