Mini 1 print issue warping/bad printing right rear

I have a mini 1, around a year old. I have cleaned it, tightened the belts. I have an enclosure, using newest cura on Mac, using Polymaker PLA. I have tried adjusting print settings, to no avail. I have attached two images that show the issue. It is concentrated in the right rear, but also right front. I circled two glitches that show up in the skirt, it looks like an offset issue, but not sure how to fix that. The majority of the problem is on the right side of the print where the plastic is pulling up.

I should mention that the extrusion is bad as well. At least in the beginning of the print, I have to do 8 lines of skirt before any material is extruded.


I had to update the firmware

There are a couple of things that stand out in your post that I think you can fix rather easily in order to improve the quality of your prints.

First, let’s look at the enclosure. An enclosure is great for filaments, such as ABS, that suffer from contraction issues, warping on the bed, and layer separation. My experience is that an enclosure doesn’t play well with PLA and is not needed. Therefore you can remove it because this can lead to heat creep, where the heat travels up the filament and softens at the hobbed bolt.

You also mentioned that you have a the latest version of Cura on your MAC. If you look at the installation instructions on the website it mentions that you need to clean your cache. You’ll want to uninstall any previous versions of Cura before cleaning.

Instructions can be found here:

If you’re still having problems with having to print 8 lines of skirt then you can load your filament and extrude until you get a constant flow.

I would try these things first and then go from there.