Newbie! Printed Solid Enclosure Issue - Bracket Printing

Hey Guys,

Finally got around to messing around with a 3D printer so decided to go for the Mini after some research. Also ordered the Mini Enclosure by Printed Solid.

Using Polylite PLA and per instruction of .2 layer height, 4 shells and 20% infill at 210 C temp. I turned the bed on 60C for the first print and left it as it for the second print with the same results. Any suggestions so I can print the other two sides?

Top 50% of the print isnt’ too bad. The bottom seem sto have lot of curvy issues. Would you call this warping? Thanks.

I’m not too sure about the bottom layers, perhaps there’s just a bit too much heat from the bed. The overhang/miss shaped knob problem can be fixed by turning on supports.

Hey thank you for responding. Was re-reading and it did say need support. I’ll give that a try and hopefully someone can chime in on the bottom layer. Is it warping, Do you know? Cause I did one print with heat bed at 60c and one without, same results.

Almost looks like the nozzle isn’t fully primed and is making a really messy first perimeter on the first layer. Is the skirt getting to a nice solid line before it starts printing the part?

My uncle and I both have the printed solid case. We made some upgrades for it in case you’re interested:

The extra prints seal off the “holes” on the side and top as well as made new corner blocks to recess the screws to clean up the look a bit. We also made better corner brackets since the washers provided by Printed Solid really don’t cut it in my book. Take a look!

You need to post a picture looking directly at the face of the bottom layer so we can better help you fix your problem.



Yeah it printed a nice perimeter before it starts to print so any mess should have been there no?

I’ve attached some new photos. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

@jim2386 wow that looks nice. Will definitely try it once i figure out how to print properly.

Evening printing a small USB cover on this forum didn’t turn out great :frowning:

Looks like your nozzle is too close to the bed, and having trouble extruding plastic.