Mini Bed Overheating past Cura Settings

I’m currently having a problem that when I use Cura that the bed temp is going way over the set temperature listed in the settings. I’ve been using the 3D solutions PLA that recommends printing at 210. However when it begins to print the bed level temp goes much higher than what has been set in Cura. I keeps reading as being in between the 80/90s even though I have it set to max at 50. Even when I set it to 0 it still jumps to the higher temp. Can someone explain why this is happening? The high temprature is causing the filament layers to not stick and cause stringy layers in the print.

Hi meraki

I am not sure if I understand correct:
a) You are setting the bed temperature in the control panel (without starting the print) and and it goes higher than you set it?
b) You are setting the bed temperature in the control panel, it regulates fine, then start print and it goes higher?
c) You have set the bed temperature for the print in the expert settings and it goes higher during printing?

in case of b) it is easy:
What ever you set in the control panel before starting the print will be overwritten by the print g-code.

a) and c) I would expect to happen together. There it seems the temperature controller is not working / properly set.
As you mention it seems to be an offset “only” not running all the way to max temperature!?

All the Best