Mini firmware

Anyone tried to roll the firmware back from 1.1.011 to on the Mini.

I’ve done it, but I’m having issues with the extruder running very slowly.

Anyone got any thoughts, was there a change say in the volumetric calcs or the like as my E steps has not changed.

Is this relevant?

Shortly after that, I accidentally took a look at my LCD to check the motion section (about my Z issue) because I got desperate. There I saw that Z steps per mm went to 1600 rather then 800 what should be on TAZ 3. Then I realized that when we had hit “store memory” after flashing TAZ 5.hex file, it saved those steps per mm.
Funny thing is that no flashing overrode that. That means that lulzbot keeps configuration files separate from firmware. Which is rather useful but it got me in trouble because I did not know. Funny nobody thought of that…

So a long post from me, but I had to release the whole thing in order to make clear the steps and their sequence, if someone ever experiences something similar.


You need M502 & M500 for every variable that is stored inside the EEPROM. You can look inside “configuration_store.cpp” to see which one is stored.

Did you reset EEPROM to defaults after flashing the older firmware? If not, you might try that… Send an M502 (loads firmware defaults to current settings), then M500 (save current settings to EEPROM).

See if that corrects your issue. I’m not aware of any change between and that would cause the issue you described, but it is best to start with firmware defaults – especially when downgrading the firmware.

The above will also reset your e-steps (default of 833, I think) – so you’ll need to set that again using “M92 Exxx” and M500.

pardon me for being dumb. i see people constantly saying to “input this command…” but where do you actually put the command?

Most print controller software (like Cura, Simply3d, etc) have a “terminal window”. That window allows you to directly enter a Gcode command, send it to the printer, and see any output generated in response.

But where do I put it in the line of commands?

Using Cura Lulzbot Edition… Connect your printer and power it on. Start Cura. Click the “Load model” button and load a model (any model). Click the “Control” button to get the print control dialog.

The left half of that print control dialog has a graph and jog controls.

The right half of that print control dialog is mostly consumed by a large terminal output list box. Directly below that is a one-line input field. You can enter a command in that input field (try M503 for example), then press Enter to send the command to the printer. The response from the command will be shown in that large terminal output list box just above the input field.