Parts sales question

So I was wondering, any chance you guys would sell me another set of the metal bed hold down fingers that come with the Dual Extruder V2? I don’t see them for sale on your parts page.


Good luck! I need a new bed wiring harness for my Mini. They will not sell one to me.

They sell bed leveling washers on there, I don’t see any reason support wouldn’t sell you some if you give them a call. So long as they’re in stock.

Now as far as the Mini Bed Harness that makes perfect sense to me, because it isn’t made for individual retail. What’s the matter with your’s?

I’m looking for the thin metal fingers that come with the dual kits, not the round washers they have in the store.

I know what you’re looking for, I was saying if they are able to sell the bed leveling washers on an individual basis I don’t see why they wouldn’t sell you the metal bed fingers as well. Not everything available for purchase is listed on the website, I think the best bet is to call support. They sell random little pieces of hardware all the time.

Hey Tim,

We did some testing internally, and the bed fingers printed out of ABS work pretty well. I rotated them upside down, and cut off the bottom 4mm and printed them out of ABS. This gives a nice low profile bed finger, and after ~100 hours of ABS printing I didn’t see any warping of the corners while they still held the bed tight.

We have not tested this enough to make the change standard, but give it a try and may get you up and running.
bed_finger-2.1.STL (18.3 KB)

Thank you for that idea!

I mainly want another set of the metal ones because they are shiny and match my existing Taz bed setup.

Piercet wants the bling!

In this case it does not make sense. My Mini has broken two sets of the original hookup wire. Lulzbot have moved from hookup wire to custom Igus chainflex cable to prevent broken wires. The cable part number isn’t even listed on the Igus website and support confirmed it is essentially custom cable. They should make that change available to their existing customers that are having problems. If not a full harness, sell a five foot length of cable to existing Mini owners if they are in need of it.

Sorry for the hijack, piercet, it just ticks me off that they would leave customers stuck like this.

Looks like they are using Igus Energy chain, possibly Series E045-10-018-0 for the cable chain, with a section of wire loom at one end. The 40 series should also work, it just has a longer mount block. They are more redily available on ebay or whatnot though. You should be able to convert your existing harness over to the new style without too much trouble.

That ohai is the original hookup wire configuration that I have. This is the current build.

Ah, in that case the cable chain at any rate is this one
with the 060-10-1 and 060-10-2 ends. according to the Bill of Materials ods file anyways.

I think they had to go with a bigger chain to fit in all the chainflex cable. I might be able to squeeze the single bed heater cable in my existing chain… if I could get the cable.

Hello Piercet,

I was looking at the part codes and I saw this: PP-MP0085 (Bed finger, Dual)
I believe it is for the metal fingers and it does say that it can be sold. Whether or not it is in stock, you will have to check with the sales team to see. Please make sure to check with them to verify that it is the number for the metal fingers too. It says Dual fingers, so it should be.
Give them a call at 970-377-1111 and see if it is possible or not.

If you want nice flexible wire, try silicone insulated wire. I know HobbyKing sells it. It’s not as nice as getting a pre-made harness, but it could help you repair your printer.

That is a good idea.

In talking with support, they have had problems with thermistor, limit switch and power wires breaking so, I was hoping to be able to buy the new setup and eliminate the problems altogether. It doesn’t look like that will happen. IT Works is working on a solution so, we will see what they come up with.

It seems odd for opensource Lulzbot to go with a wiring configuration made of unobtainium like this. That has not been their way previously.

I’ll give that a shot, thanks!