Missing Pieces and support

I just received and unpacked my new Taz4, unfortunately, it was missing the toolkit, although it was marked present on the packing list.

Can anybody tell me what’s in it ?

Also, I tried to call support over the weekend to report the problem, but no answer anywhere. Are the support lines only active during the weekend ? And can anyone tell me what the hours and time zone might be ? I don’t see anything on the site itself.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


The toolkit has

15 Piece Metric Hex Key Set
Pliers, Needle Nose
Standard Precision Knife
Dental Pick
Flathead Bristle Brush
Part Removal Knife (clam knife)
Metric Ruler
Acetone-safe Bottle (acetone not included)

The support lines are open 7AM to 3PM Mountain time on weekdays. I’m sure if you call in or email, you can get everything sorted out.

Thanks, appreciate the note, I’ve done both. Nothing yet…

Good morning! Brent has a replacement toolkit sitting on his desk for you. He should be responding to your ticket and will have more information for you soon. We apologize for the missing toolkit! That is the first time that has not been included. We’ll get it to you soon.


For all who view this posting - the company’s response has been fantastic (once support came online). I’m on the east coast, so a couple of hours ahead. The toolkit is apparently already on it’s way, by the fastest means available. I should see it this week. I am impressed with the response, especially since their first concern was to make sure I could still get up and running, without the kit.

Thanks to all involved!