What do I do if a part of my new TAZ5 printer came broken?

Since I have zero experience with 3d Printers :slight_smile: I don’t want to just try printing a new piece without the device working properly from the start…

I assumed I should just send an email to the support@lulzbot.com address; mainly to see if they could mail me a new plastic piece, details below. But I did not receive any response regarding the problem. I tried calling the telephone number on the website but it seems they are closed; so it looks like I won’t be doing any 3d printing this weekend. :frowning:

For details… When I was assembling the printer fresh out of the box, I found that the small 2-pronged pinch clip that holds the ring-piece that holds the zipties + plastic tube (spinner?) had been crushed, probably during shipping (the box looked like it was someones step-stool, :open_mouth:). Both prongs were twisted and snapped uncleanly when I found both pieces in the box. So I don’t, as far as I know, really have any way to salvage the part.

So does anyone know if there’s another way to get this handled?

We can send you a replacement, but the weekend has started, so that won’t be until Monday.

I don’t completely understand your description, but I think it is non-critical. So, feel free to print without it. That said, if anything in the box is crushed that is a bad sign that there was damage, so there may be more issues.

We can get you a replacement part on Monday if you email support@lulzbot.com. If it appears there is more damage to the unit, we can replace the whole thing.

Sorry for any inconvenience,


Sounds like the feeder tube holder:

Print your own. :slight_smile: But sounds like they’ll have you covered if you send it in… or maybe take a picture.

Yes, that STL file kcchen_00 showed. “Feeder tube holder” It is crushed. As far as I can tell there is not other damage to the unit.

I did include proofs of purchase and a photo of the damaged part within my support email. I guess it seems my request simply wasn’t seen yet. So I will wait until I hear back. Thanks.

They’ll see it on Monday. Customer support is available from 7:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday. We will be expanding hours in the future.



Thanks Jebba, unfortunately it is now Wednesday and I have yet to receive any indication that anyone other than yourself is aware of my broken part problem. For re-summary, I am on day 7 out of the box and I still haven’t been able to do anything with my TAZ5 other than assemble most of it and look at it.


I don’t mean to minimize your issue, you absolutely should have had a part out to you directly, BUT…

Why not just wire-tie the feeder tube to one of the rails and get printing?


We responded to your ticket the day it was submitted, but for some reason your email contact info wasn’t included in our response, so our message didn’t get to you. Another tech has reached out to you earlier this morning and is getting a replacement part out to you soon. Sorry for any delay!