Mixed Dual - MOARstruder + 0.4 mm V2.1 Extruder

Has anyone combined a MOARstruder + a standard 0.4 mm nozzle extruder into a dual extruder?

Does anyone know of any reason why this would not work?

I’m thinking that printing the skin with the 0.4 mm hot end and the infill with the massive 1.2 mm nozzle on the MOARstruder will print stronger parts faster while still maintaining the finer layer print quality on the exterior of the part.

No one’s done it that I know of, but it would be pretty cool.

It’ll definitely work, but it’s not going to be as simple as just swapping out the hotend. The MOARstruder is more than just a larger diameter nozzle, it’s also got a longer melt zone to make the most of the large nozzle size making it about 10mm longer than the standard hotend. I think the best way to make it work would be to make a spacer to lift the moarstruder above the 0.4 nozzle so the bottoms of the nozzles are in the same plane in Z.