Feasibility of converting TAZ6 extruder to MOARstruder?

I have a dual extruder on my TAZ 6 and am interested in converting the single extruder to 1.2mm for rapid prototyping.

The MOARstruder used a totally different hotend.

Is the HEX heater block able to maintain the necessary heat to handle the flow out a 1.2mm nozzle?

I’m curious what parts to source to make something close to the MOARstruder.

You need something like that extruder or an E3Dv6 volcano extruder to keep up with a 1.2mm nozzle, otherwise the plastic cools too quickly. If you can find the hotend parts, adapting it shouldn’t be too painful. Your existing coldend parts would still technically work, though upgrading them to handle the increased fillament feed wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The heat block appears to be the challenge. There is no cross reference to commercially available parts.

The E3Dv6 volcano is probably the closest option.