MOARstruder firmware and Simplify3D (TAZ 6)

Hello All,

I know that most users here tend to stick with Cura based on my reading but I wanted to post.

I’ve just got the volcano Titan aero from ITWorks. My other printer is closed source firmware and default slicer is garbage so I’ve been using S3D with that for about 3 years now. With the Original TAZ 6 hardware I had no problems dialing in my print settings. Now that I’m running the MOARstruder firmware though it’s like my X and Y are moving twice as far as they need to resulting in a first layer that looks like a squiggle or that every other part is missing… Has anyone got this combo working on a TAZ 6? I’m forcing myself to learn Cura now but a 1 stop shop as I grow my printer collection is where I ultimately want to be.


It sounds like the nozzle is too close to the bed after auto-leveling. Try adjusting the Z-offset in S3D’s G-Code tab… start with .1 and work you way to .3 in .05 increments. If that helps, then check that the discs and wiper are clean. I think the Z-offset can be permanently set through the LCD.

Thanks for the reply, I did some playing with the z offset and ultimately found that for some reason printing at 30mms with the 1.2 nozzle seems to be the sweet spot to getting results with S3D, much faster and I’m not really getting the quality I’m after.