Taz 6 - That wipe nearly pulls the printhead off

Well, one thing I am noticing with the stock print head is that the novel wipe routine seems to go too deep. Or maybe it is because I have a fresh wipe pad in there. But if it isn’t nearly pulling the print head off the carriage, its damn near pulling the print head apart

How far down should that wipe material be inside the holder? Maybe that’s my gothca?

Thanks all!

The wiper pad holder(s) on my TAZ 6 have a small lip at each end. The surface of the pad is below this lip. This is true for both the single pad holder and the triple pad holder for the Dual Extruder V3. The start gcode positions the nozzle at Z1 and this places just the tapered tip of the nozzle into the pad.

Let me know if this description is adequate.

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I think my new X Carriage will resolve most of this.