Molex male pins for SE (2.85mm) hot end connector

I had to replace both fans on my hot end and ended up having to buy one from Amazon. Unfortunately, I can’t quite determine what Molex pins I need for the hot end wiring shell.

Looked up the shell on Digi-key, but the drawings don’t indicate pin size - only that it’s #43031-****.

I have existing pins that are 0.02" in diameter that fit the female sockets, but they’re too long. I have shorter pins that are 0.062" and clearly too large in diameter. Strangely, I can’t find anything online that’s smaller than 0.05" in diameter, which still seems too big.

Can anyone confirm exactly what the male Molex pin part number is for the pins in this header?

For the Taz Pro/Workhorse/Mini2 style (43031-###):
Male Pins -