Mini 2 Molex pins

Need to replace a couple of molex crimp pins in my Mini 2 tool head wiring bundle.
I’ve read the Ohai notes but still uncertain what pins to buy for the 20 pin housing. Part numbers anyone?
Amazon link?

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Removing pins from the Molex harness used in the Mini2 without damaging the case isn’t an easy task, even with the proper removal tool. It won’t hurt to have spares of all the parts before attempting replacement.

But the parts you need can be found in the bill of materials:
Male: Molex 0430310001
Female: Molex 16-02-0086
Harness parts: Molex 0430202001 and Molex 0430252000

Most helpful-Thanks again

Ordering some magnifying glasses to help seeing how/where to crimp. Also, the pins seem appropriate for all wires except the insulation diameter of the heater element leads. And Yes, I think the pin housing was damaged when removing the previous heater’s pins because my newly crimped lead will not click into place. :confounded:

If you’re not using a dedicated crimping tool for small pins, it’s extremely difficult to get them the right shape without damaging the pin.

I use this one (sponsored link disclaimer goes here) but there’s plenty to choose from.