My Cardboard Enclosure Project

Hello everyone. I’m back from being absent for a while (again) and I thought I would share my newest project.
I’m building a cheap, almost free enclosure out of cardboard that I got from work and I think it’s looking pretty good so far.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn’t track my progress very well.

Phase 1 before I added the side

Phase 2 this came after Phase 1
Phase 2.jpg
I am going to place one more piece of cardboard covering the front of the whole enclosure with plexiglass embedded and I’m going to design some hinges at the top for easy opening, closing, and storage of the lid.

I’m not sure if this post should be in another topic. I kind of got tired of looking for a proper place, so sorry if I am doing this wrong.

Control box outside enclosure, good! LED display outside enclosure, not necessary.

In my make-shift enclosure, I used Gater Board (a thick foam core board). The filament sits on the left of the box, outside and feeds through a slit in the top of the box. the control box vents out the right side. On the back, I ran a dryer vent hose to a nearby window. The fan attached to the hose is mounted on the back of the enclosure, and has a thermostat control (I had this lying around from an amplifier enclosure.)

I’ll share pictures so you can see what I did. Been running it for a year with no issues…

With the bed heated to 110 (for ABS), I can get the enclosure to ~97 deg. It takes about 1 hour for that to happen.

You can get Gater board from sign shops usually. They come in 4’ x 8’ sheets and are 1/2 inch thick. Using a REALLY sharp utility knife, they cut like butter.

Other pics (Don’t know why I can’t post all three in the same post!)

Last Pic…

Well done. I’m not sure if I have a local sign shop. I used pink foam insulation on my last enclosure, but it was outfitted for a single extruder with side mounted spools. I now have two spools on top and an option of using a dual extruder, so my last enclosure no longer works. I had cardboard lying around, so I thought why not. :smiley: