What's wrong with my benchy?

First time using abs, enclosure, cura 3.6.21, 0.5mm nozzle 0.250mm profile, taz workhorse

What material are you printing and what print temps / fan speeds are you using?

Your material is contracting (which is why the bow has that “S” shape sweep.

It’s abs amazon basic if that makes any difference , settings are default so 240 nozzle 100 bed no fans, what does it mean if abs is shrinking?

Do you have an enclosure?

Yes I do, it’s homemade so not sure if it needs some tweaks with small gaps or the cooling airflow coming out of the back of the tower

So here’s a raspberry pi case I did last night without any settings changed, it seemed to come out quite well

This could be an over extrusion problem. When ever I get a new filament, I always do an e-steps calibration for that specific material. Since I like to print high detail items I like to make sure my e-steps are spot on. If you need help on e-step calibration, there are several good youtube videos that will explain it a lot better than I can.

the only other thing I could think about is the z-off set. It looks like the nozzle may be a little close to the plate. Looking at your second print it looks to be a quite significant “foot.”

Overall, it looks like everything it working, but to get really good prints, you really have to dial in all of these little settings.

hope that works!

That pi case looks pretty good to me. Using the same .25 layer height and.5mm nozzle?