Resuming print doesn't resume extrusion (TAZ 5)

Hey all, I wonder if anyone else has this problem (and hopefully a solution :wink: ): when I try to pause and then resume a print on my TAZ 5, whether from the LCD interface or via Cura/USB connection, it starts moving again (x, y, and z axes) but NEVER extruding! I’ve tried this several times with different prints, and it always fails, so I end up reprinting the whole thing. I don’t think the nozzle is immediately getting clogged, because I move the print head away from the model, replace/re-insert the filament, and successfully extrude a decent amount before resuming. Whaaaat is going on. Can’t seem to find anyone else discussing this (maybe my search skills suck).

I don’t know if this is related, but I’ve also had a few prints just… freeze midway through—i.e. the head stops moving, extruder stops extruding (well, that’s lucky), but both the hotend and bed stay at temp, and the LCD says it’s still printing. Head scratcher, that. This has only happened printing from the SD card; however, I don’t typically print from a computer anymore, since I need to drag my laptop to work… and that’s prime printin’ time. So I can’t definitively say it wouldn’t do the same.

Edit: not sure if this is relevant, but for the second issue (stopping mid-print), even after I “Stop Print”, it still says “Printing…”.

S.O.S. Please send help!

This reply comes late for the questioner but I want to reply in case someone else has same issue of print halting midway when using the SDcard.

I faced the same symptoms. I printed twice from the SD card and both cases it stopped at same spot leaving heaters on. This made me worried something might happen one day if I cannot troubleshoot why the print stopped like that.

I checked that the file in the SD card looked OK. I then printed the same original Gcode file from my PC directly with Cura - No issues. I also copied the file again from my PC to another SDcard and it worked now OK. I finally formatted the original SD card and I haven’t had this issue since. I’m still using the same SDcard. So if this happens again try to format your SD card.


Hi Juho,

I believe you’re right about the SD card (at least for the second part of my issue); I ordered a new one, and I haven’t had random, mid-print stops since. Thank you for chiming in!

Still can’t figure out why it doesn’t resume extrusion when I pause and resume, which stinks but oh well.