need to ajust z axis after every print

Lately I’ve been noticing that the right side of the bed will be significantly lower than the left after prints (~1mm). When I home the printer it looks good, which leads me to believe its something to do with the right stepper/screw. In addition there is some z wobble in the prints. Bad stepper motor? Bent z screw?

You might check the 4 set screws in both Z couplers and make sure that one is aligned with the flat side of both the Z rod and motor. Then check to make sure they are all tightened down well.

Lubricating your Z drive screws will help as well, use Lucas #2 white lithium grease.

In case anyone else runs into this, I think I might have slightly over tightened the x belt in an effort to fight z wobble. Loosening it a little bit made the x axis stay square through multiple prints.

Still working on the z wobble though :frowning: