Taz 4 wont print well on ride side of platform

Hey im having an issue with prints. The Printer was moved around a few times and im not sure what happened exactly but I think that the printer Z axis is off its alignment. My prints act funny only on one side meaning it always messes up any of my prints on the right side, is there a way to re-align the the z axis? Use a level? count threads?

home the machine and get it close to the bed. Now with the heated bed and nozzle off, place an object of known thickness (like a thin metal ruler between the nozzle end and the heated bed surface and adjust so the nozzle is just touching the object. Now move the nozzle over in the X axis about 20mm and check again, repeat, etc. If you find that it is off significantly on the other side, power down the machine and unplug it from USB and power, wait about 30 seconds for charge to dissipate, unplug that side Z axis motor then manually turn that leadscrew until the nozzle is the correct height, then plug the motor back in. If it’s only off a little bit you would be better off adjusting the bed leveling screws.

Once you have the machine in mechanical allignment, you will want to check it at points all across the heated bed. then heat the nozzle and bed to operating temperature, adjust it so you can just get a thick buisiness card under the nozzle, and print the bed calibration gcode file until the extrusion is even all across the surface, is sticking well, and looks like the good adhesion picture in the manual.

Someone @ lulzbot should make a video of how to fix this and post it either here on on Youtube.

Yes you moved one of the Z-axis threads out of sync with the other, you have to re-level/reallign them, the process takes a few tries, and if not done can damage the surface of your bed coating on printing.

I did it once and had to relevel the bed’s Z-axis manually while checking the gap between the extruder and the bed surface.

We have one!