Need to replace filament mid print with filament that arrives tomorrow

Hey, I couldn’t find my exact problem, so here goes.

I am 75% done with an 80+ hour print and I am about to run out of filament (I know, that’s probably way longer than i should run it). I thought I had enough, but I don’t. Anyway, my new spool arrives tomorrow evening and its going to run out tonight. I am running off the SD Card with GCODE made in CURA. Is there a way to pause the print where it sits and let it sit for a day until my new spool comes in tomorrow? I don’t want to throw this print away due to the time involved.

Thanks for the help!


I ended up Pausing the print, setting the Z axis up 10mm and turning the head to 0 degrees. I also turned off the Fans until tomorrow. I left the bed on, unless I should turn that off too.


That is about all you can do. I would leave the bed on.

Ok, that’s what i figured. Thanks!