Ran out of filament on a large print TAZ6


So I ran out of filament on a large almost finished print, luckily I was monitoring it and paused the print before it went dry. Then I wrote down the X,Y,Z that was on the display. I moved the print head off of the print so it wouldn’t sit and melt/glob all over it. Next I re-homed the X,Y, Z as when I entered the Gcode commands in cura it did not go back to the correct coordinates that I put in, after re-homing it went to the exact position where the print was stopped. It will be a day or two until my filament gets in. The print seems pretty well stuck to the print bed as I used an Avery brand glue stick on the print bed even though the printer is now off and the bed is cool.

I guess I’m trying to figure out what my next move is, I have read about editing the GCODE directly but I’m still researching that one.

Does anyone have any advise?

PS I cannot find a procedure for pausing a print, changing a empty spool and resuming. If anyone has anything on that topic it would be great.