Need Troubleshooting Help

Several months ago, my Mini had a head crash on printing and damaged the PEI sheet and the wiper assembly, pictures below:
Now when I try to print, even a small item, the head and bed heat up to the specificied temperature, but on selecting print, the head moves as if starting to calibrate, and then the termperature starts to fall on both head and bed. The printing timer will continue to run, the job doesn’t abort, but both head and bed continue to cool back down to room temp. Filament extrudes fine from Cura, but no print jobs will run.

I need some direction on troubleshooting and/or what parts I’ve managed to damage here.

Thanks in advance for any insight y’all may have!

Make sure that you are in quickprint mode and selecting the filament as that is where the bed leveling profile is stored. Then start the print once you open a control window by just selecting “print”. Then see if the printer and tool head will function properly.
If this doesn’t work then move your heat bed to the middle and the tool head to the middle (of the X gantry) and then open Cura and a control window and enter M119 in the Gcode bar. If you have any “triggered” responses, it may be due to a damaged RAMBo, or possibly and end stop switch that is constantly triggered.
Get with tech support if this is the case.