Print fails to start after bed leveling

Recently, I’ve had issues with prints failing to start after the leveling process is completed. Once the leveling is complete, the head parks in the usual place in the left rear, and the bed and head heat to the correct temperature. But, then it just sits.

I’ve found through experimentation that I can get it to work again by restarting the printer and/or Cura (sometimes several times). But, since the filament is still retracted from the first nozzle cleaning & leveling, I need to manually heat the head and extrude filament first, or the repeat nozzle cleaning will retract it all the way out.

Once it does start, the print completes successfully without issues. But, very frustrating to take an extra 10-20 minutes of failed attempts to get started.

Any thoughts on what causes this? Thanks for any ideas!

Original version Mini, Cura 3.2.32, WIndows 10.

Grab the latest version of Cura LE from and reslice your model. You may have a firmware update as well. If it continues, send your gcode file to the support team at Include any error messages. Does the hot end and heated bed come up to the printing temp?