new mini cleaning problem

Hi I’m new to 3D printing just got new mini yesterday printed for 12 hours no problem came in this morning and every time it starts at the end of cleaning tip the x and y rapids before z comes up 10mm and crashes in to plastic felt holder and ideas looked at G code and it looks ok it has a z 10 before xy home .

Does it look this now? Same position? Did you have Cura set on high quality print? Just curious :wink:

no it jumps off end before z raise I was in high res. quick print tried reloading software and same thing G code looks good but still want work .

Thought I would ask as I’m still waiting for clues too. Seems one common element is high print quality thus far? I was on quick settings HIPS High Quality print.

I called tech support and got my problem solved lulzbot has great support …I had went in to expert and didn’t load profiles from jump drive just newbie messing with settings printing in quick print fine now I will leave it there for a while till I get my prod types finished

Been there. Done that :unamused:

I kind of wish the cleaning was a little more random.

My lulzbot mini has carved a groove down the line that it always takes to clean the head, and there is not much felt left in that groove. Sure I could replace the strip, but this is after only a week or so of admittedly heavy usage.

I wonder if they y direction could be randomized a little bit while it scubs back and forth in the x direction? Seems like this should be doable as you can set randomness in the slicer for how where new layers start, etc…

Still very happy with my lulzbot mini. All print problems I have had are with dialing in the unique settings for the nonstandard ABS I got from frys (at least the black ABS is weird, lower temps needed, and it won’t dissolve in acetone fully). The roll of abs I got from lulzbot prints like a dream.


You can flip the felt pad over to use the reverse side. There are also 5 in a bag that came with the machine. Even with heavy printing, you should get a lot more than a week out of them. It is important for bed leveling that the nozzle is clean, so you may want to swap it out if it is too nasty/fuzzy.