New Mini Not Extruding

Ttabbal: Can I use a raspberry pi like a print queue where multiple people could use the interface to cue up jobs from their own computers? I have an older Pi sitting around, but would need to get a wireless usb card, and another SD card.

As a happy Octoprint user, the answer is yes, they can upload their .stl and/or .gcode for print but I wouldn’t recommend printing it immediately before the previous print has been removed. Octoprint has a perfect solution for this: you can attach a webcam to the Pi and point it at the bed so people can see if they can start the print.

mrvanes beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Yes, it allows everyone to use their own computer and just upload gcode to the RPi. I even printed a case for the Pi and camera module and mounted them to the side of my printer. I use wired ethernet, but as long as you get a USB wifi stick that is supported by Linux, it should work fine. There are a number of vendors that sell verified devices for the Pi, so it should be easy to find one online.