New Taz 4 bed questions

Hi all,

Just bought an unloved TAZ4, I’ve managed to get the Rambo board installed and it’s now working again :slight_smile:

None of the parts that hold the heated bed came with it, I’ve managed to tape the bed down and print out the finger and bed corners but I’m now struggling to understand how it all goes together. From what I can gather, there are 2 fixings that hold the corner onto the aluminium plate. One is an M3 bolt (with a spring) and the other appears to be some kind of standoff. I’ve tried a couple of combinations but it’s not really working. Does anyone have any details on what the standoff is, I’ve searched the BOM and all documents I can find but with no joy?

Many thanks,


two M3 screws - one going down from the top with the spring between the corner and the alum. plate, and another M3 coming up from underneath the alum plate. through the other hole in the corner piece.

Thanks for that, that’s why I can’t find the standoffs anywhere!!

So just to confirm, the one that comes up from the bottom is not actually attached (bolted into) the plastic corner piece, it’s just there for support? If that’s the case then I’ve tried to over think the problem!!



If you run into any more assembly issues, our full assembly docs for the TAZ 4 can be found here:

I hope this helps!