New Taz 6 was printing badly or not at all

Hi all,

I’m working with a brand new Taz 6 that was set up and several test prints of the octopus were turned out. I printed several parts that I needed, but then everything started to go badly.

I printed a taller part, perhaps 3-4 inches and there was significant “wobble” to the vertical layering of the print and it had to be tossed. I have been using ABS filament and high quality layer (0.15mm). I have also used standard (0.25mm).

Later that day during the 4 corner self-alignment before a print, the stepper motors on the Z-motors bound up and I found that the x-axis was off level by 1/4". I used the leveling instructions here in step 23:

I tested the Z-axis movement and it was okay, but after trying to print again everything was poor. The nozzle was too high off of the print stage and there was overlapping + poor adhesion.

So I am not really understanding how it went from printing quality parts to not printing well at all over the course of a few days. From the factory everything was perfect, but somehow the settings have changed or it’s not set up right? I’m looking for advice on how to proceed because I am new to this and the terminology.


If the machine is new, you should open a ticket with support.

Some pictures of the problem would help.