Taz Pro Z-Axis issue

I inherited a Taz Pro at work. I mainly use a Taz 4. I was told they were never able to get it to work out of the box. They were having issues with the Z axis not being correct. They said they worked with tech support and determined the controller board was bad and covered under warranty, but they never received a replacement board. It’s out of warrany and I purchased a new controller board. I have what I think is still the same issue.

It appears to not know where it is in the z axis. It will go to the top and reset itself to 290 mm. When I try to print the octopus sample it will go down and push very hard on the table and clean the nozzles. Then it moves up on the z axis about 30-50 mm and starts trying to print. Filament goes everywhere. The readout for the z axis says it is at 0.3 mm, but it is not. This is printing the octopus from cura with a laptop connected to it via USB.

I am familiar running a Taz 4 and have never had this issue, but I am use to the z axis limit switch being at the bottom and not at the top. Is there a setting or troubleshooting procedure I can run through or do you suspect something could be bad? Stepper motors? The z axis seems to be moving both sides smoothly and in unison.

Anyone else ever have this issue? I can’t seem to find any calibration setup that works.