New to printing ABS with initial bad surface finish

Hi Folks,

I’m new to using ABS previously only using PLA in my prints. My dilemma is the the initial layers have a really bad surface finish then improving further up the print. I have a taz 5 and used the presetting of 240 hot end and 110 for the bed with 40% fan speed,100% flow, 100% fill, running at 1000mm/s, I’m thinking i might benefit from turning the fan right down / off?

Thanks in advance

Maybe the upper layers have a better surface due to slower speed (minimum layer time).

No fan at all for abs unless printing extremely small things or bridging. You also might be overextruding . check the filament diameter and adjust accordingly. Also turn the infil down a bit if you are trying to print near 100%

This looks like extreme overextrusion and maybe too high of temperature. On my mini I have to print at like 80% extrusion.