next single extruder for TAZ 6

Hey all,
first of all, I don’t come around much because, well, Lulzbots just work most of the time and most of the other times I can find the answer without asking. This is quite a testament to the line.

Anyway, the base for my original extruder has cracked (I’m not upset, it put through 20-30kg of filament first) and I want your opinion. Should I fix this one or just get an Aurostruder as a replacement?

BTW, I have the MOAR and a dualy, I just want something for general use when I don’t need the MOAR or dual.

The stock extruder is definitely worth fixing. If I am understanding you correctly, it sounds like the extruder mount is broken. This is a pretty easy fix.

You can either print out the part or purchase one from the store. The model can be found here:

We print this out using ABS at about 70% - 75% percent infill. You’ll also have to change out the inserts from the old mount to the new one. Instructions for doing this can be found here:

The extruder mount is also sold in the store and you can find it here:

And of course, you’ll need the tool head assembly instructions to use a guide here:

Starting at about Step 8 should give you the information you need to take apart the tool head and replace the mount.

If you are talking about a different part, let me know and I can help you out.

No, that is it, thanx for the links, I will take a look and take them under consideration.

If you decide not to undertake repair, don’t throw that broken extruder out! Put it on eBay, or such like – there’s a lot of folks who’d love to rebuild it for a spare or just to have an easy way to change nozzle diameters…