No Materials 3.2.23

After clearing cache etc on loading this new version and setting up a Lulzbot Taz 6 Flexistruderv2 there are no materials at all available for the second extruder(material field is red and says “none”)

The only material on extruder 1 that is available is Verbatim PLA.

How can this be fixed to allow the full selection of material profiles?

Under the profile drop down menu, do you have the option to Discard Current Changes? If so, try selecting that to see if it brings back your material profiles. Also, when you cleared the cache, did you make sure to get rid of all of the older versions of Cura?

No the option to discard current changes is greyed out.

I had old 21.XX software installed. I uninstalled both older software, cleared all cache locations both old and new and re-installed new software.

Now, Extruder one only offers Matterhackers PLA and other extruder is still a red empty.