Menu explosion and material overrides

I mentioned this here, but it seems to be worth a separate post.

I added a new material in 2.6.52, and after that the Profile menu exploded with zillions of entries like the picture below, which makes Cura pretty much unusable. Also, the the temperatures in the material do not seem to override those in the profile… Should they?

Hello BigBaaadBob,

This was reported earlier on our code board by ScottW and has been fixed in a newer developmental build. We currently are on version 2.6.62, and all the of development builds can be found here:

Before installing, go a head and clear your cache. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the download page under your specific operating system, (linked below) under the “Upgrading from Beta Cura LulzBot Edition?” drop down menu.

For Windows:
For Mac:
For Debian:
For Ubuntu: