No one talking about Quiver and the switch to Titan Aero?

Surprised how quiet its been about the TAZ 7.

Switching to Titan Aero will make the toolhead really clean, lighter. Meaning more accuracy and / or higher speed prints. Mirrored Titan is a dual extruder dream.

So does switching to the Titan Aero mean the Hexagon is dead? Or will it live as a Chinese copy cult classic?

That and the belted z. Didn’t see that coming.

Yes, the Titan Aero indeed makes for a clean, light toolhead. Add in a surrounding filament cooling duct, and you have a winner.
We make them.

I’m super excited about the belt drive. I’ve been fighting Z banding on my mini for years. Finally knocked it out, but this should eliminate it completely.

My only question is when the power goes out, what prevents the X axis from being pulled down and slamming into the bed?

It’s a gearbox driven motor on the belt. Gear friction causes it to go down very slowly.

I’ve been pondering in this side of the devel folders and i am very interested to see how this pans out. Having built my taz 6 i have no problems building the 7 or converting the 6 to a 7.

I have downloaded all the available stls. But i am stuck on the top z mounts. There is now a square hole for what looks like 2020 ext. But it must be for idler bearings for the belt drive. I cannot seem to find anything that goes in those slots.

Did you look in the Quiver ATTIC folder? That might be what you’re looking for…

I’ll take a look thanks.

The Titan Aero is a winner. I snagged one from IT-Works and put it on my old Mini 1.03. Super easy upgrade and it prints like a dream. That combined with the new Modular Bed brought new life to my aging little workhorse. I’m happy to see the new things coming to Lulzbot. The next gen models will be hard to beat.

My next extruder project is this: but with a picatiny rail quick disconnect and spring pin contacts, and instead of an onboard motor, a torque tube flex drive cable and a motor located up on the frame. So dual drive bondtech gears, lighter frame, and 1/8th the weight. We’ll see if it prints well.

I’m eagerly awaiting your flex drive cable results. I wonder how much hysteresis you’ll have across the length of it.

If it ever actually ships, My plan is to use a dial indicator and a cable mounted paddle to check exactly that. I’m hopeing it’s small enough that it’s effectivly zero but that may very well be wishful thinking on my part. That’s going to depend largely on where I put the motor though too. I think i can safely mount it top of gantry where the fillaement enters the guide tube and follow that general path, Theoretically the cable will be about the same length as the fillament guide tube.

Looks like the Mini is getting the same belted z axis, though it’s less complete right now. Looks like it might manage to use the same mounting holes in the steel frame, so an upgrade might be possible?

The weight is a nice improvement, but are there other visible advantages in the print? I’m pretty happy with the Hexagon as-is.

Obviously we don’t know specific timelines, but based upon how far quiver dev is, can we expect Taz 7 this year? I’m holding off on buying a Taz 6 because I don’t want to pay extra for modular bed + Aerostruder (plus my Mini is plugging along just fine right now).

I’m super excited for the next version of Taz :wink: I’ll buy it the moment it drops.


Based off a guess from previous product launches. I’d expect to see the 7 either around June / July or November if it’s going to launch this year. The hardware design looks complete and viable, I haven’t seen many physical photos yet though. It’s about as far along as that metal shell frame Taz that got scrapped for reasons that remain unknown to this day too though. I’d suspect you’ll see it this year sometime after Mini 2.0 and not earlier than June, but again that’s just a guess.

Makes sense!

Oh that makes me sad :slight_smile: I just got a mini (1.04). I wonder if I will be able to upgrade it to 2.0ish (I have modular bed and aerostruder is on the way).

The parts are here:;O=D so you can take a look at them and see if they look like they correspond to the existing mounting holes. It didn’t look like they were changing the case too much, maybe some extra LCD mount holes and depending on if the belted Z requires any modifications. Aside from that it looked like the new bed and the aerostruder are the other major theoretical changes planned for the Mini Hibiscus variant (aka 2.0)

The weight is a nice improvement, but are there other visible advantages in the print? I’m pretty happy with the Hexagon as-is.

For me, the biggest improvement is the shorter path through the heat block. This effectively eliminated problems with filaments that were prone to jamming and grinding in the Hexagon. The Titan Aero has handled every filament I’ve tried so far with no problems, including some that I never could get to print with the Hexagon.

Anyone know what electronics they’re planning on using for the Taz 7? Curious if they’re going with Trinamic drivers or going even wilder and doing a 32bit board?

Currently appears they are planning for the Archim v2 (32bit with trinamic drivers).