Noob with a TAZ6 (Please help with 2nd-4th layer)

Hello all, I am completely new to 3D printing, and recently bought a new TAZ6. I have tried searching for my issue but not really sure how to phrase my search terms to find what I am looking for.

My problem is that the 2nd layer doesn’t seem to print the outermost edge, and usually the 3rd and 4th as well. The first layer ‘seems’ fine to me, and the rest of the print also turns out nice. I really have no idea what I am looking at though. I have printed with PLA and ABS, and it happens on every print, with both filaments. I use Cura, on quickprint settings, as I really am not comfortable trying to use full settings yet, without some guidance.

Would really appreciate some info on what to try, to get these prints a little more consistent. Thank you!

Getting better, looks like Z Offset was set too high… experimenting with bringing it down little by little and its improving a lot.

Yup, that’s most likely your root issue. the other thing to check will be the filament diameter setting. By default it’s set at 2.85, which is going to be fairly close, but your actual filament will most likely be slightly above or below that number. You want to measure your filament with a good set of digital calipers and plug the average of 3 points measurement into Cura in place of 2.85. The reason that’s important is that you will over or under extrude if that number is off. To use a baking analogy, lets say you are baking a cookie that takes a 2.85 cup of flour. If you add a 3.00 cup instead, you get too much flour and your cookies are too chewy. If you add 2.65 cup flour there isn’t enough and your cookies come out tiny and lumpy.

Thank you!

Another question, I assume FR on the LCD is for feed rate, otherwise extrusion amount? The top of my test prints are a little rough at 100%. Turned it down to about 93% and testing again right now. Not able to post any pics at the moment but will see how it turns out.

I’m afraid to get too close to the bed with the nozzle and damage something, I’ve gone down almost half a mm from stock already. From like -1.03 to around -1.5.

Thanks for the tip about the filament diameter. I did measure it in one spot, came out to 2.87 I believe, but my calipers are just ok. Will try some more.

Extrusion rate = flow rate
print speed rate = feed rate

FR is feed rate.